Record-Breaking Success: Duck Dynasty’s ‘The Blind’ Soars at the Box Office

Record-Breaking Success: Duck Dynasty’s ‘The Blind’ Soars at the Box Office

Record Breaking Success Duck Dynasty's 'The Blind' Soars at the Box Office 16 million doller


The Faith-based films “The Blind,” which is based on the life of a Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, has been made and this film was released in the month of September which is at this time i.e. in November 2023, approximately $16 million dollars what income has been earned


The Blind is about to break records at the box office in North America, earning almost $16 million dollars as of Monday. This is why this is the biggest release date till date and has set a new record for earning fathom events.

This is a film that has been liked by the audience a lot and has been going on for a very long time for its traditional event cinema release and the blind movie is being watched on repeat in every cinma house, North America. Most of this fame is moving towards


Duck Dynasty’s ‘The Blind’

Fathom’s first record was that each episode of “The Chosen” was liked a lot, this movie earned approximately 14.7$ million dollars.

This film’s story tells about the beginning of Phil And Kay Robertson’s married life many years ago, highlighting the hard work and many sad stories of Phil Robertson’s life.

Robertson’s daughter, Roberson, told The Christian Post that she realized the darkest moments of her mother’s life on the big screen.


Duck Dynasty’s ‘The Blind’ (Cast)


  • Aron von Andrian as Phil Robertson
  • Ronan Carroll as Phil, age 12
  • Matthew Erick White as Phil, age 17
  • Amelia Eve as Kay Robertson (née Carroway)
  • Scarlett Abinante as Kay, age 11
  • Brielle Robillard as Kay, age 16
  • Connor Tillman as Big Al Bolen
  • John Ales as Pastor Bill Smith
  • Kerry Knuppe as Merritt Robertson
  • Aaron Dalla Villa as Si Robertson
  • Brasher Russell as Si, age 10
  • Grant Davidson as Si, age 15
  • Emily DeForest as Jan
  • Ezra DuVall as Jan, age 6
  • Sofia Sorano Xavier as Jan, age 12
  • Clint James as James Robertson
  • Whitney Goin as Wanita Carroway
  • Tom McCafferty as Willie Carroway
  • Jackson Dean Vincent as Alan Robertson, age 8-10
  • Sawyer Jesse Mixon as Jase Robertson, age 4-6
  • Nick Milone as young Terry Bradshaw




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