Flex X Cop Season 2 renewed or cancelled? Know it here!

Flex X Cop Season 2 renewed or cancelled? Know it here!

Flex X Cop Season 2 renewed or cancelled Know it here!

Disney plus presents detective action thriller korean drama called ‘Flex x cop’. The story is about rich young man who got to work as a detective due to some unexpected circumstances, how the rich immature young man will do his duty as a detective by solving impossible cases and make his father win the election is the rest of the story.

Flex X Cop is an south korean investigation drama written by Kim Ba-Da and created by Kim Jae-hong. The pilot episode from the show premiered on January 26,2024. The show contains sixteen episodes in total with an hour long duration. Disney plus released the season 1 finale episode on March 23. The show got an excellent ratings on korean television channel SBS. Flex x cop had a blockbuster run with a superior viewership ratings, the finale also had peak ratings on television and disney plus. The show has a package of fun, entertainment, action and thrilling investigation moments. The finale of the show already a trending topic in social media platforms.

Flex X Cop drama plot revolves around a third generation young man of a wealthy family. Due to an unexpected interference of him on a crime investigation, he got appointed as a detective on a violent crime investigation unit. For the sake of maintain a good image for his father’s mayor election campaign, the immature rich son continue his work as a detective. The latter part deals with the investigations of the crime investigation unit. The season one finale ended with a shocking twist. Isoo found out that Jin Seung Ju killed his father and mother. Jin Seung Ju added sleeping pills overdose into Isoo’s mother’s drink and killed her. Twenty five year long murder, Jin Seung Ju kept it as a secret from his family.

Flex X Cop season one finale showcased the downfall of Jin Seung Ju and emerging of new chairman for Hansu group. Jin Seung Ju caught by the police for the murder’s of Chairman and his wife, the court sentenced him for a lifetime prison. Finally Isoo had his long lasted revenge to put the murderer of his mother in jail. Even though the truth of knowing about Jin Seung Ju’s true character was shocking experience for Isoo, but he felt relieved when he got justice for his mother’s death. Meanwhile in the end of the season, Isoo rejected the chairman position to continue as a detective in the squad, he appoints his loyal secretary as the next chairman of Hansu group. In the end of the finale, Isoo got call from an crime spot, he and his gang left the station for their next adventurous murder investigation case.

Flex X Cop season 1 already has an huge fan base internationally, now the makers planning for a grand season 2. Few representatives from the korean television channel Sbs, reported that the writing works for flex x cop season 2 is already in motion by Kim Ba-Da. The next season will concentrate more on the crime investigation unit one squad. The team is coming with many thrilling murder cases on the next season. The season 2 of flex x cop is expected to release on next year. All sixteen episodes of flex x cop drama is currently available on Disney plus with English subtitles.

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