Pyramid Game S01E09


Viu presents an tem episodic intense thriller teenage show called ‘Pyramid Game’. This South Korean drama tells about the school violence happening around the country by the teenage students. At well known girls highschool, students plays a game , which is voting five students by each individual, later after counting the votes, each students assigned to a particular group from A to F. Those who enters f group will get bullied and tortured everyday. A new transfer student tries her best to stop the game after suffering herself on the f group.

Episode 9 opens with the school festivals. Im Ye Rim completes her debut performance at the school festival. She get’s a message from Shim Eun Jung from hospital, congratulating Im Ye Rim for making her first debut. Meanwhile, Sung Soo Ji also texted Im Ye Rim asking her to come to the swimming pool. After seeing Shim Eun Jung’s message, Im Ye Rim starts to cry. In the next scene, Im Ye Rim is seen laying on bed and being carried to the ambulance. Sung Soo Ji witnessed Im Ye Rim blackout infront of her, later she rushes towards the class. Meanwhile, Cho Woo Ri also seen at the school compound, her brother is trying to hack into the school server, he put his computer at the top of the building.

Meanwhile, inside the class, the students starts their 16th pyramid game voting without the presence of Sung Soo Ji, Im Ye Rim and Shim Eun Jung. Baek Ha Rin addressed the class with a new game plan. Baek Ha Rin was dissapointed to see Myung Ja Eun participating the game. Baek Ha Rin decides that she going to pick out one student as the permanent F group student for the entire term until they graduate. Baek Ha Rin asks everyone if anyone is willing to be a F group student for the next academic year untill graduation. Suddenly, Sung Soo Ji rushes towards Baek Ha Rin and pushes her up to the chalkboard. Sung Soo Ji tells to Baek Ha Rin’s face that because of her everyone’s affected.

Sung Soo Ji informs the class that Im Ye Rim is transferred to the hospital. She expressed that she wants to end the game which caused problems to her friends. Cho Woo Ri was locked up in her room because of the game, Shim Eun Jung lost her leg and athletic career, Myung Ja Eun tried to end her life once and Im Ye Rim now admitted to the hospital. Sung Soo Ji thought Myung Ja Eun raise her hands to become a permanent F group student, but she didn’t do anything like that. Sung Soo Ji tells everyone to stop playing the game again, whoever wishes to stop the game should delete the game and standup. Surprisingly, Myung Ja Eun deletes the app and stands up, later rest of the students started to standup. Baek Ha Rin felt angry against all the students especially on Myung Ja Eun.


Kim Da Yun also stands up against the playing the game, but Sung Soo Ji didn’t count her vote in consideration. Kim Da Yun got angry and she beats Myung Ja Eun without hesitation. Sung Soo Ji placed an hidden camera at the class, it went directly to the hacker guy, also notified to the classroom teachers. The teachers rushes towards the class, hacker went inside teachers room and leaked the datas from the computers. Sung Soo Ji officially announced the pyramid game is ended. Teachers came inside the class and destroyed the hidden camera, but the video clipping already leaked through social media around the country. Baek Ha Rin’s mother and chairman got frustrated and mad against Baek Ha Rin for sloppy work from her.

A flashback shows Im Ye Rim being followed by someone dressed in a teddy bear costume at the swimming pool, Cho Woo Ri shows up suddenly and protects Im Ye Rim from the stalker. Later, the girls found out that Im Ye Rim didn’t get hurt that much, she wants to spend time with Shim Eun Jung that’s why she’s in hospital right now. Meanwhile, parents and medias starts involving the issues. The school management seperated the students to different classes. Later, Myung Ja Eun gets a call from Baek Ha Rin to revisit her elementary school. Sung Soo Ji goes along with her to meet Baek Ha Rin. She explains her past events of being a victim of bullying, suddenly a fire cracks up inside the school and it blasts infront of Sung Soo Ji and Myung Ja Eun. Baek Ha Rin fell after the blast and become unconscious infront of them.

Overall the episode is packed with many engaging elements. The after effects of stopping the game is portrayed well. The character development of Sung Soo Ji is one of the highlight of this episode. The destruction of Baek Ha Rin’s favourite game by Sung Soo Ji were pretty much delight to watch. Can’t wait for the finale episode to know what happens to everyone after the exposure.

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