Pyramid Game Season 10 Explained

Pyramid Game Season 10 Explained

Pyramid Game Season 10 Explained
Pyramid Game Season 10 Explained


Viu presents a korean school thriller drama ‘Pyramid Game’ in ten episodes. The story revolves around a class of young teenage students in a school. The students bully other students who has low votes from a game. Pyramid game is a voting system using an app. The newly transferred student tries to make the game stopped forever with the help of other students. But things were more complicated when she got to know about the game and the masterminds behind it. How she with the help of her friends stops this game and the school bullying is the story of this drama.

Episode 10 opens in the Haneul House were Baek Ha Rin is there, Sung Soo Ji and Myung Ja Eun comes there. Baek Ha Rin says she knows Sung Soo Ji will be with Myung Ja Eun. Sung Soo Ji asks Baek Ha Rin why she called Myung Ja Eun here. Baek Ha Rin tells it is to show Myung Ja Eun what happens to Baek Ha Rin now. Baek Ha Rin tells she doesn’t have parents.

Baek Ha Rin tells that Yang So Eun who lived here was a victim of school violence and that was her. There is a flashback shown of Baek Ha Rin and Myung Ja Eun when they were kids and Baek Ha Rin got bullied. Cut to present, Baek Ha Rin eats some opioids tablets infront of them. Then a fire starts coming to hall. The rescue force come to the building. Next we see Sung Soo Ji and Myung Ja Eun at hospital ward. Myung Ja Eun says she was guilty all the time of what she did when she was a kid.

Baek Ha Rin’s mother calls Do Ah’s father and warns about exposing their school in the articles. Baek Ha Rin’s mother gets call from her husband saying the Haneul House orphanage was in fire. On the internet the video from the classroom was leaked and getting more comments. The users are thinking of Sung Soo Ji as a bully too since the video projects her like that. Sung Soo Ji’s father and friends also see those comments and news.

The school staffs blamed Sung Soo Ji over thr bullying. Police came to enquire Sung Soo Ji and takes away her to station. One of the teacher comes to meet the teacher who got fired from school for putting cctv at the class before. The teacher gave her the video of Sung Soo Ji getting beatup by the students at the school which was shot when Sung Soo Ji was in F grade.

The teacher publishes the video and people saw what really happens at the school. More protests among parents and social media campaigns started. The victim girls started uploading videos telling about what happened at the school. The sister of the supermarket guy also came forward and put her video telling the abuse and bully she faced at the school.

We see a flashback of Baek Ha Rin, who was she and why is like this now. Apparently she was an orphan who lived in an orphanage. Baek Ha Rin was bullied by kids at the school when she was kid. She tried her maximum to get adopted by the Baekyeon family. Baek Ha Rin studied a lot and became good in front of Baekyeon chairwoman. They adopted her. After that she saw Myung Ja Eun at the highschool, but Myung Ja Eun being happy with other girl made her jealous which triggered her to become a bully too.

Sung Soo Ji’s father saw the video of her getting beaten by students. He felt guilty of ignoring his girls situation. He said sorry for ignoring her. Baek Ha Rin’s father and mother met the media and said their apology for what their daughter did. Also they told the press that she was adopted by them thinking she will be a good girl but never thought it would come up like this. So they are cancelling their adoption with her. Also the school got closed and some other group tookover the school with a new name.

Two months months passed. The vacation got finished for the students. Many students who were bully and part of pyramid game were suspended from the school. Sung Soo Ji and friends went to the school. The school name was changed. Everyone got happy that the game is no longer there. Baek Ha Rin is at hospital, and her future is ruined as Baekyeon family cut ties with her and she has to face the punishments from government too. At the school as everyone in class there is new 2 students joining the class. Their family runs this school. As they come to the class they discuss of starting pyramid game again as it is interesting to hear. At ending Sung Soo Ji smiles and welcomes them to the class.

Overall the series had an happy ending. Everything came out as expected by the viewers.

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