Pyramid Game Renewed for a season 2? Know it here!

Pyramid Game renewed for a season 2?


Viu presents a ten episodic Korean school thriller drama “Pyramid Game”. The series is created by Lee Jae-gyun based on webcomic “Pyramid Game” by Dalggonyak. It has about 1 hour runtime per episode and all the episodes are available to stream in VIU streaming site and also on Paramount+ on America and some selected locations.

The story of this drama happens in Baekyeon school were Sung Soo Ji got joined the class as new transfer student. Sung Soo Ji started getting weird experiences from the class. The students looked at her in a weird way. Later Sung Soo Ji started getting bullied by the students. They introduced a game named Pyramid Game to her where the students in the class vote for each other on a day and they categorise students on the basis of the votes they got.

Student with zero votes placed in F grade and she can be bullied by anyone upper if had permission from A group who has highest vote counts. Sung Soo Ji gets bullied because she got into to F group. Later Sung Soo Ji team up with other affected girls and starts working to stop this game. At first nobody stoodup with Sung Soo Ji, but eventually one by one others started believing her.

The girl behind all these bullying and the app is Baek Ha Rin who is from a rich family which runs this school. Apparently she was an adopted girl. Sung Soo Ji and teamup and removed the F group by exchanging their votes each other. Time passed and they became stronger, they planned many ways to stop Baek Ha Rin from bullying and game. They put cctv in the class and recorded the game and leaked to internet. Apparently Baek Ha Rin had grudge on Myung Ja Eun for a very long time since her childhood.

The school shutdown and the bully girls got suspsended, also Baek Ha Rin got removed from the family because of her behaviour. Parents got to know the reality happened at the school. The victim girls from the school posted their confessions about the bullying they faced at the school. The teacher who got fired from the school gave proofs of school violence to the reporters. The school teachers also helped students for exam papers illegaly was also got revealed to public.

The supermarket guy who helped Sung Soo Ji and others to reveal this to public had a sister who is also a victim of their bullies in the past. She also got released her confessions to the public. Everything went to normal and all the ones behind these got punishments in the end. Baek Ha Rin is at hospital not knowing all these things happened. Sung Soo Ji’s father also got to know what her daughter faced at her school.

Months later school vacation finished girls got back to school. The school owners got changed and it is now owned by Miryo group and named the school as Miryo school. As everyone got back to class they are waiting for the new students who are from Miryo family and also twins. The Miryo twins had a chat at the office room about Pyramid Game is interesting to hear and they are planning to play in the class again.

The series had an happy ending with what happened to the bullies and persons who avoided their duties. For the fans the ending was same as they wanted it to be. Fans are satisfied with the ending. As for next season, there is no official confirmation from TVING or the creator. But they added a cliffhanger ending by the Miryo twins restarting the game on their arrival. But there are chances for another season by seeing how they ended it. Let’s see what they are planning to do.

All the 10 episodes of ‘Pyramid Game‘ are available in VIU streaming site and in Paramount+ on selected locations with Korean language and English subtitles.

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