The Beanie Bubble review

The Beanie Bubble Review

The Beanie Bubble
The Beanie Bubble

The latest comedy drama first got released in theatre, and now is streaming on Apple TV+ in English language, here we are going to tell you the ending of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie starts with two friends Ty Warner and Robbie Jones meets at Ty’s home as his father has passed away, and later that night they started drinking where Warner comes up with a idea to start a business of a soft toy company this was all happening in year 1983, as they opened their business but during this they keep breaking up and coming back together, but when Robbie tries to expand the business by spreading it to Europe and other countries, Ty throws her out from the company and he is no longer the co-founder of the company, now cut to year 1993 where Maya a new girl joins the company as an intern, the other girl Sheila is installing some lights in Ty’s new house, but Ty is late as he is coming from a meeting and as soon as Sheila sees her she falls in love with her but she has promised herself that she will not date any man before both of her daughter Ava and Maren fully grows up, but when Ty first meet with them they liked him so much and are also interested in his company, so they started coming together, as both of them regularly help Ty to suggest some changes in his products, one of such product which they suggested him is Beanie Babies this product is like a soft toy with a unique name so it become popular instantly, as people are buying it from the black market in overprice, so Maya suggested him to make a website to sell this product and now he is in so much profit.

The Beanie Bubble

Now after seeing so much profit Ty again makes some foolish decision which Maya and Sheila totally opposed, and now his company after coming in so much massive profit is again in loss, now she goes back to Robbie who is now in Mexico to live with some other men to ask her after he loss, but Robbie is not ready to come with him instead he offered him a job in her company’s UK office , meanwhile Maya asked him to make her the CEO of the company as she is here for the last 5 years and knows everything about the company, but Ty hired a man form outside and removed all her proofs that she has been here for 5 years, so she also decides to quit the company but she had made herself a good amount of money and also got hired by a partner of Ty whose company was in Japan now Ty goes back to Sheila and proposed her to marry him she said yes but the next day Ty removes the name of Ava form the most selling product of the company so he is also very angry now and she punches him in his face and breaks up with him, now again he is all alone and in year 2014 he got arrested due to tax manuplation and the movie ends.

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