The Impossible Heir Episode 9 & 10 Release date revealed:

The Impossible Heir Episode 9 & 10

Disney plus presents an career thriller drama called ‘The impossible heir’. The show depicts the true natures of filthy rich family members who compete with each other for wealth and power. An illegitimate joins with his besties to become the next successor of his father’s empire. Unexpected attacks and murders arrives on their journey of success, while surviving these hurdles, they have to face unpredictable betrayals from their closed one’s and it changes the perspective of the story.

‘The Impossible Heir’ is an business revenge drama series. The first two episodes from the impossible heir got premiered on February 28th. The show has twelve episodes in total, out of twelve, the seventh and eighth episodes got released last week through Disney plus. The drama has a solid screenplay and well known casts with brilliant performance. The show is so far thrilling and engaging to the core. The expectations for upcoming episodes were already sky high among the fans.

The latest episodes showcased Han Taeo’s prison life. Kang Inju and a lady got murdered inside his apartment. Before all these, Kang Inju’s assistant Mo Gijun attacked Han Taeo with a bat while he was playing alone. Han Taeo got severely injured and admitted at hospital. He called Na Hye won while he got admitted to hospital. Kang Inha didn’t get surprised to see Han Taeo at hospital, he stopped the investigation to protect company name. Han Taeo couldn’t accept the betrayal from the company, he requested his hacker friend to find out the real culprit behind the attack. After looking at the surveillance footages, they confirmed that the culprit is Mo Gijun. Han Taeo later digs about dirty secrets of Kang Inju to expose him for revenge, but Kang Inju secretly collected the photos of Han Taeo kissing Na Hye won. He threatened both of them, especially Na Hye won on her marriage day.

On the Previous episode, Han Taeo wokeup at Kang Inju’s apartment after getting drunk and drugged. He saw the dead bodies of Kang Inju and a lady, also his body were covered in blood. Han Taeo later sentenced for a lifetime prison life for murders of two people. Na Hye won tries her best to help Han Taeo to get out of the jail. Kang Inha got angry at Na Hye won after knowing about the relationship between her and Han Taeo, he chocked and thrown her into the bathtub and made her suffer. Kangoh group chairman ordered his secretary to find out the real culprit of Kang Inju’s murder. Chairman believed that Han Taeo won’t kill someone for revenge, also he expressed his doubt about Mo Gijun. In the end last episode, Kang Inha ordered Mo Gijun to kill Han Taeo.

The ninth episode and tenth episode will show us ,how Han Taeo will survive from the attack of Kang Inha and Mo Gijun. Na Hye won got appointed as the new director of Kangoh future foundation, she will aim for her future goals with the help of Han Taeo. Meanwhile, Kang Inha caught the hacker friend of Han Taeo, he will definitely going to expose him as a North korean spy in the upcoming episodes. The episode 9 and 10 were planned to release next week through Disney plus around the World. Both episodes will be released on March 27th. After releasing those episodes, there will only two more episodes left to be released for the completion.

‘The impossible heir’ latest eight episodes is currently streaming through Disney plus with English subtitles.

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