Ullu New Web Series 2023-The Bucket List

Ullu-The Bucket List

A Hindi  Ullu web series named The Bucket List is coming from Ullu on 10th November. This is a bold web series which is coming with a very interesting story.actress  Bharatiya Jha and actor Ayushi Jaiswal have played very good characters in this story. It means that a girl has got married who wants to make her wedding night special. The bride has made a list and in the list she has prepared her own different steps, which you will soon get to see in this web series. She wants to enjoy her coming days through the list

The Bucket List Story

Ullu-The Bucket List web series is a very sweet story and in it, female actress Bharti Jha has recently got married and to enjoy this marriage, she keeps roaming around her husband and brother-in-law and wants to enjoy every night with them. Through the list, she wants to enjoy every step that she has planned in her future.

Ullu New Web Series 2023-The Bucket List
Ullu New Web Series 2023-The Bucket List

The bride has to think that every day she gets to do something special, which gives a lot of fun to the bride, but a new twist comes in the story when her husband was fed up with her, then after a few weeks, her brother-in-law Her friend comes along and she shares her feelings with him that how she wants to enjoy her night life, every day at every step, then brother-in-law also says, I am also ready for this, but in the end, brother-in-law gets surprised. To see this story completely, wait for 10th November on Side Ullu App or TV.


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