Wonderful World Episode 9 and Episode 10 release date

Wonderful World Episode 9 and Episode 10 release date

Wonderful World Episode 9 and Episode 10 release date:
Wonderful World Episode 9 and Episode 10 release date:

Disney released a fourteen episodic korean thriller drama “Wonderful World”. “Wonderful World” is a revenge thriller drama. Eun Soo Hyun was a writer and professor, her son dies in a car accident and it makes a hard impact on Eun Soo Hyun. As the court suspends the killer’s sentense, Eun Soo Hyun drives the car over him and kills him. Later she was sentensed for 7years in jail. After her jail life she comes back to her place and how her life goes after it is the plot of this drama.

Eun Soo Hyun went to jail because she killed the guy who killed her son. Eun Soo Hyun was really in pain and the guy didn’t give apology to her son so she drove the car on him. When she went to jail she met a lady. That lady killed her husband and the lady who is in affair with her husband by burning the house. But the fire spread to neighbouring house and killed the parents of a kid. So the lady as she was dying asked Eun Soo Hyun pass her apology in person to the kid who had grownup now and change his path to lead a good life.

Eun Soo Hyun came out of the jail after 7 years and came home. She got back with her husband Kang Soo Ho again. But later she got a photo where Kang Soo Ho was romancing with a girl. Eun Soo Hyun broke up with Kang Soo Ho. But later got to know it was the neighbour lady. After many convincing and apologies Eun Soo Hyun accepted Kang Soo Ho’s apology and they got back together. Kim Joon had been following Kang Soo Ho’s movements.

Eun Soo Hyun found the address of the boy who got out of fire accident. But it was all a trap for Eun Soo Hyun. The real guy was another one. Kwon Sun Yool who possed as the real guy who escaped the fire accident was really the son of the guy who was killed by Eun Soo Hyun. Eun Soo Hyun later got to know the real identity of Kwon Sun Yool as his mother got accident recently and is now at hospital. The guy behind the photo of Kang Soo Ho’s affair was Kwon Sun Yool.

Kwon Sun Yool been revenging on Eun Soo Hyun‘s family all along. Kwon Sun Yool told his friend to ask for dash cam footage of Kang Soo Ho in front of Eun Soo Hyun as for checking an accident. As Eun Soo Hyun checked the footages she didn’t find anything. Later Eun Soo Hyun followed Kim Joon and found out the neighbour lady was his mistress.

Eun Soo Hyun asks the neighbour lady about the affair was fake. As the lady went to tour that day because the date in the photo she took and the one Eun Soo Hyun got was similar so it couldn’t have been her. Later Eun Soo Hyun went to Yuri’s shop to see her. Eun Soo Hyun had the dash cam usb with her. She plays it on Yuri’s laptop and saw a footage were Yuri and Kang Soo Ho having a quarrel.

In the video Kang Soo Ho was saying what will he do than blaming on neighbour lady or should he tell real girl is Yuri itself. It seems the girl in the photo who had affair with Kang Soo Ho was Eun Soo Hyun’s sister Yuri all along. Eun Soo Hyun collapses seeing the video. At the same time Kang Soo Ho got to know the guy who has been meeting with Eun Soo Hyun was the son of the guy she killed. Let’s see how this situation get handled on upcoming episode as there are too many reveals.

Disney will release Episode 9 on 29th of March and Episode 10 on 30th of March in their streaming site. Eight episodes are available in Disney Plus with Korean language and English subtitle.

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